Touchpoints that are overlooked

Need a list of touchpoints? We’ve got your covered

  • Handles, doors, door bell, windows
  • Banisters, railings, ledges and benches
  • Kickboards & skirting boards
  • Furniture, especially the undersides and legs of desks, tables and the backs of chairs & sofas
  • Toilet seats, cisterns, flush buttons, basins (including the rims and underside if exposed) , faucets, toilet brush and roll holder, soap dispenser and towel dispenser/ holder, mirror/ cabinets, shower door, head and shower taps
  • Vanity, makeup brushes and external areas of makeup packaging, makeup stands and drawers, perfume bottles, lotions, hair and face products, nail polish bottles & manicure/pedicure tools
  • Elevator/ entry buttons, switches, power points and closure points
  • Appliances (vacuum, tv & remotes, iron, hair dryer/strain enter/curler, blender, toaster, coffee machine, microwave, kettle, toaster, fridge and handles
  • Ducting, air conditioner and remotes/ panels
  • Gym equipment (handles, straps, bars, kettle bells, dumbbells, medicine balls, yoga balls, PowerPoints, touch screens, switches)
  • Towel & coat racks, hooks and rails
  • Screens, keyboards, tablets, cables, phones, printer, toys
  • Sunglasses, jewellery, keys, handbags, wallets, purses